Non-party MP candidate Durlovski: I knew Macedonia would suffer national humiliation


I was the director of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, which is one of the largest
institutions and university professors, transferring experience, but my civic activism
was a challenge. Civic activism was a higher goal for me in a way, I was able to
influence more people. At the same time, what happened to Macedonia in the last
three years was not a national humiliation, said Igor Durlovski, MP candidate for
VMRO – DPMNE in election district 5 on Alfa TV.
– During the protests, I warned that national humiliation would occur. I'm proud that
all of us who were in that story predicted the events, said Durlovski.
He also referred to the events while he was in detention.
-In November 2017, the police came to my house and I ended up in the Sutka
prison, and I am a person raised in an environment where patriotism is a guide to
loving one’s homeland and not expecting anything back. When I was released under
house arrest, it was harder for me to see why the rest were in prison. I am a man
who tried to portray, and now I do, the country in its best light, and I was accused of
working against it, said Durlovski, adding:

-I knew I will emerge from the trial and from detention and that nobody will be able to
break me because I was on the right side. You must support your position with
dignity and pride, Durlovski said.

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