IRI: Citizens' support for SDSM drops by 20% in two years


The International Republican Institute’s (IRI) today released a public opinion poll
ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections due on April 12, with the same poll
showing that the number of citizens who supported SDSM two years ago dropped by
Namely, from the 21% of voters who would vote for SDSM in 2018, today the figure
has dropped to 17%. What in the absolute amount of figures is a drop of 20%.
The IRI poll also shows that the majority of respondents believe that Zoran Zaev
does not deserve a new mandate.
A total of 54 percent of those surveyed responded, while 31 percent said he did his
job well and deserves another four years to run the government.
In addition, the IRI survey shows that the percentage of respondents who think that
the state is going in the wrong direction has risen sharply, if 30% of those polled two
years ago thought today 43% think so.
The opinion polls show that Zoran Zaev's attitude towards the government and
leading the state is in free fall.

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