Mickovski: We need responsible behavior towards the citizens and the country, no reason for the elections not to be postponed


The fight for power over the cost of human lives is unacceptable, VMRO-DPMNE
President Hristijan Mickoski said in a social media address, though convinced of his
party's major victory in the forthcoming early parliamentary elections later in the day
for a leaders’ meeting with the head of state Stevo Pendarovski announces item on
the agenda for postponing the elections in order to protect the health of the citizens.
The early elections are scheduled for April 12th, when health experts say the
coronavirus crisis will peak.

"All recommendations from relevant domestic and world organizations are that the
best response to deal with the virus is to avoid activity. Just when the projections for
the peak of the health crisis are coming, elections in Macedonia will have to take
place. With such analyzes and predictions, the election would mean opening up new
hot spots with coronavirus," reads Mickoski's statement.
“Imagine Election Day when thousands of voters casting their votes in one room,
using the same pen, having personal contact with the members of the electoral
board,” added Mickoski.
He added that in this time of crisis this is a situation when one chooses between the
personal and the interest of the state.
“I say this for the reason that it is quite certain that VMRO-DPMNE will win the
election by an overwhelming margin, but holding elections will also expose
thousands of citizens, or more than one million people, at direct risk to their health
and spread of coronavirus. At this time, I choose, without hesitation, the interest of
the state and the citizens, and therefore today I will call for a leaders’ meeting with
President Stevo Pendarovski to discuss postponing the early parliamentary elections
in order to protect the health of the citizens,” the opposition leader said.

T. Telephone conversation Mickoski-Pendarovski: Leaders’ meeting to
postpone the elections accepted

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski had a telephone conversation with
President Stevo Pendarovski, stressing the need for the president to convene a
leaders’ meeting to discuss the postponement of the April 12 parliamentary elections
aimed at protecting citizens, and due to the newly emerging coronavirus situation
and the measures that are being implemented.
The request for a leaders’ meeting was accepted and it will be held on Tuesday

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