Opposition MP demands greater courage in top government decisions


VMRO – DPMNE MP Ilija Dimovski posted several suggestions on Facebook on how the state could get out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus painlessly.

“At the moment there is a little bit more courage in the decisions of the highest state officials …

I hope there are reasons and insights we don’t know…

But the state must:

  1. Establish a more normal functioning of the economy;
  2. Normal functioning of the administration;
  3. Plan for the educational process;
  4. Functionality of state bodies;
  5. Prepare a budget rebalance;
  6. Amend laws to give health authorities greater mobility;
  7. Establish political relationships that will build the maximum possible trust in the institutions;
  8. To plan tax exemptions for companies and citizens;
  9. Find a system to reduce panic among citizens;
  10. Implement a plan for maximum care for the vulnerable categories (the elderly, the chronically ill, etc.).

The state should be ready for bad scenarios, and together we should rejoice if we avoid them for the sake of mind and reason,” Dimovski said.

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