Online university classes start Monday


All state and private universities in Macedonia will need to move to online classes
starting Monday in a bid to adapt to the coronavirus situation.
The decision was reached Thursday at a meeting between Education Minister Arber
Ademi, Skopje University rector Nikola Jankulovski and president of the Conference
of Private Higher Education Institutions, Tome Nenovski.
Participants in the meeting agreed that universities are technically equipped and
professors are ready to contribute to organizing distance learning for students.
According to Ademi, this would be easier in higher education, as opposed to
elementary education, given that students are more skilled in the use of IT devices,
educational tools and applications.
“This is not impracticable,” he added. “In fact, it’s already part of the regular course
of the academic year in some faculties.”
“We agreed that in the next days all university units should put their best effort and
move to a form of online teaching in the interest of our students,” Ademi told a press
conference after the meeting.

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