Tens of thousands of citizens in Macedonia could lose their work, claims VMRO-DPMNE MP


Yesterday’s consequences that Bitola and the whole of Pelagonia region felt  were the layoffs of 6,000 employees at the Kromberg & Schubert company, so we believe the situation is alarming and that the government should not wait for layoffs and business crashes and react later, but react in time to prevent such additional layoffs and shutdowns of companies, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki said at today’s press conference.

He says the government must have a plan to defeat the coronavirus, but the government must also have an urgent plan to save the economy from total collapse. Milososki points out that the health of the citizens and the health of the economy are the two basic preconditions for the country’s stability, and that both areas must be worked urgently and simultaneously.

“The measures promoted by the government of just 5 million euros of direct support are similar to curing a coronavirus with herbs and garlic. It needs to be taken more seriously in order to make sure that the economy has a partner in the country. And for employees to be sure that this period of one, or two, or three months, the state will help both employees and businesses so they can stay on their feet so that we don’t have collapsed firms and laid off employees, but have firms that can continue to develop their business,” adds Milososki.

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