There is enough food, Minister of Agriculture assures


Despite the state of emergency in the country, activities in the agriculture sector resume. Producers are serviced, subsidies are paid regularly and we are working on solutions for problems such as lamb export, said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Trajan Dimkovski.

Minister Dimkovski told a press conference there is enough food and is no room for panic among people. Export of wheat and flour is banned until April 30, agriculture products can be sold at green markets, provided Government hygiene recommendations are observed.
Cattle markets are closed for security reasons and animal shipments can be carried out only if animals are properly identified and possessing a valid health certificate.

“Our country is facing its biggest challenge and our primary objective is to protect public health. We are in a state of emergency but this does not mean that agriculture activities and servicing of farmers should stop,” said Dimkovski.

According to him, the ministry is working intensively on finding a solution for the coming lamb buyout.

“We intend to export. There is continual communication with buyers and we are seeking for alternative markets besides the traditional ones – Italy, Croatia, Greece. The ministry will help cattle breeders to cover losses,” said Dimkovski.
A common transport protocol is currently being agreed among countries for the purpose of continual flow of commodities.

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