The employment of 3,800 people is in jeopardy, retail requires an emergency meeting with the government  


It’s not simple, shutting down, sending the staff home, we faced this after closing down the COVID-19 pandemic, say in a joint statement 17 Holdings with over 200 stores and about 1,700 employees.

They demand an emergency meeting with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance for future emergency measures.

“With the lack of shops we have problems with liquidity, increased corporate debt, inability to pay salaries and contributions, non-payment of public and customs duties, and the inability to pay interest and loans. We also have a problem of servicing costs to domestic shopping malls and domestic suppliers of goods and services … Especially when the primary business and inflow of current cash is stopped… “, retailers add.

In Skopje alone, there are more than 300 specialized stores of textile and sports fashion brands, including fashion brands. The cash flows generated through retail sales will be lacking, which also reduces tax inflows to state budgets.

Many of these stores are prevented from doing business, and as a result of crisis and prevention measures, the employment of more than 3,800 employees is directly jeopardized.

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