Mickoski: We even went through a military conflict, yet the workers’ salaries were never touched


The system crashes because of its glass legs, and economic policies fail. It confirms what I was saying that the system is troll, and it can’t be smeared with press conferences and naked PR. Through this crisis we have to face the ugly reality. We have been through a turbulent 29 years of challenges, crises, the most painful privatization and transition in the Balkans, the 2001 war conflict, the World Economic and European Debt Crisis, but we never got past what SDSM and Zoran Zaev are doing now, and that is the salaries of workers. This means that these 29 years have never been worse.

This was stated by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE at today’s press conference.

– The measure of drastic reduction of wages is a serious, I repeat serious blow to the standard of employees. And this cut should primarily have started from ministers, deputy ministers, directors, mayors, appointed officials, and not put in the same spot when officials and workers have to cut wages, Mickoski said, adding:

“The administration employees do not have the privileges of the government officials, but now with Zaev’s proposal they will have the same salary of 14,500 denars. Many of these people have loans, and they cannot depend on the mercy of the banks and Zaev’s frivolity. We have achieved nothing if their salaries have been cut, and we hope banks freeze their installments. Their standard is practically broken and we will not get out of crisis if we punish the workers.

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