Ruling SDSM proposes minimum wage in public sector, except for doctors, police and military


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at a press conference on Sunday proposed measures to deal with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which include providing the state with a minimum wage for every employee in private firms affected by the crisis, as well as a minimum wage for all employees in the public sector. The proposed measures exempted medical staff, police officers and soldiers.

“For all private firms affected by the crisis, the government will assist with the payment of a net minimum wage per employee – 14,500 denars minimum wage from December last year, for the months of April and May. Companies will pay their own salary contributions as well as personal income tax. It remains the right of the company if it can pay more than the minimum wage for its employees,” Zaev explained.

He suggests that all officials and executives go on a minimum wage, and all elected and appointed officials, MPs, prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, ministers, mayors, director judges and prosecutors will receive a minimum wage of 14,500 denars in April and May.

“All public sector employees go on a minimum wage. This measure does not apply to medical staff, police and soldiers and those who work with them in dealing with coronavirus,” said Zaev, presenting the measures that SDSM will propose to the government.

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