Government decides on a € 400m ‘loan to Eurobond’


The Ministry of Finance will provide a € 400 million Eurobond loan with a maturity of 12 months, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) withdrawing € 87m and the World Bank € 100m for development policies, Finance Minister Nina Angelovska said on Sunday.

As the Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska explained, this loan is the most optimal plan for financing the Budget, since we have to wait for the Eurobond at least two months, and we need funds right away.

“In order to ensure the security of the budget, above all, the budget of the Ministry of Health, the liquidity of the economy in order to survive the companies and to protect every job instead of issuing a bond that has to wait over two months. Finance has proposed to apply for a EUR 400 million Eurobond loan with a maturity of 12 months at an extremely favorable interest rate,” said Finance Minister Angelovska.

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