Defense Minister spends over MKD 1.3m on lunches and trips in just 4 days during state of emergency


As almost everyone in the country tries to contribute to overcoming the coronavirus
situation, the government is caught up in a new scandal. Despite being banned from
traveling abroad, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, in the period from March
17th to March 20th, Sekerinska, through the Ministry of Defense, spent millions and
nearly 43,000 denars on travel expenses, said VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General
Igor Janusev at Tuesday’s news conference.
In the same period, for only four days for national teams, lunches and restaurants,
the Ministry of Defense led by Sekerinska spent an additional 362,000 denars, Igor
Janusev said.
"While Macedonian doctors are facing shortages of masks and respirators, the
ministry led by Sekerinska spends that money on trips and lunches. Zoran Zaev
wants to cut the salaries of our workers while Sekerinska is hosting lunches and
trips. This crisis revealed how rotten the story that were sold over these past three
years really was and the proposals to cut wages will just erode the remaining healthy
tissue in our economy,” Janusev said.

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