President Pendarovski: I know it is hard but we must take care of our lives


President Stevo Pendarovski says in a video address that self-isolation is the best
prevention against COVID-19, urging people to help the home-bound and the
He says the country went through many difficulties over the past two decades, but
“has not faced such a deadly opponent”.
“We enforced a state of emergency for the first time on record, followed by a
nationwide curfew, with police and army controlling the entry and exit from all
populated places,” notes Pendarovski.
“I am aware of the fact that you are overburdened by information and press
conferences related to the spread of the outbreak and I fully understand your fear for
your health and the health of your close ones. I understand your concern from the
bad news and the enlargement of the restrictive measures. I have also heard the
appeals by the authorities on many occasions to stay home and avoid physical
contact with the environment. However, there is a big reason for this,” says President
“I know it is hard but we must take care of our lives, help the home-bound and the
elderly. There is no other option at this time than to persevere! Please do not get
down, we will make it, together!”

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