Government has no legal right to negotiate with the media


Director of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services Zoran Trajcevski in the program “Sleep If You Can” on Alfa TV pointed out that the Minister Damjan Mancevski and the Government with the negotiations and the adoption of the new law on audio and audiovisual media services were brought before the Assembly. a classic attempt at electoral corruption.

– I do not know what is the logic of Damjan Mancevski to negotiate with the television and to promise them? He can promise them if he has a private company of his own so he decides to give money to the televisions. Televisions have to negotiate with advertisers or operators to regulate their relationship. The government has no legal right to be involved in the process, Trajcevski said.

He also said that the government, by banning certain media outlets from attending and asking questions at government press conferences, is a literal attempt not only for censorship but also for a coup.

– That’s a scary question. As a citizen of this country, I have the right to enter the government building and ask questions. Robert Popovski and Damjan Mancevski have no right to stop me from going into the government building and askquestions,” Trajcevski pointed out.

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