Zaev: Budget will lack 2.2 billion euros, we all must grit our teeth


It’s better if we grit our teeth for two months so everybody can continue to be paid, than endanger the payment of salaries in general, says ruling SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, who corrects the initial austerity measures imposed to the public administration, which caused a stir in the public.

“Due to the coronavirus crisis, the country’s budget is expected to cut revenues by 60%, which could mean a deficit of 2.2 billion euros. Even if the state finds 1.2 billion euros in loans, one billion euros must be secured from home through savings. Therefore, these measures are necessary, including the reduction of the salaries of officials, but also of all employees in the public sector up to the minimum salary of 14,500 denars, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said in an interview.

The former prime minister expects the government to accept his proposals, which he stresses are only initial and will be followed by new ones. Among them, it announces that the proposal would allegedly be expanded, as the measure proposed by SDSM does not only concern officials with salaries above 1,000 euros, but it was necessary to cover the entire administration.

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