Municipality of Stip procures flowers instead of hygienic means during pandemic


A company close to the ruling SDSM will supply the Municipality of Stip with flowers
for decoration instead of hygienic-medical means in conditions of a health crisis
caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the already started economic crisis.
The procurement of flowers for decoration is in the amount of 118,000 denars, and to
make the case even more interesting, a tender was selected for the tender, which is
known to be close to SDSM.
But what makes the impression is the rising cost of the same purchase over the
If in 2018 the municipality procured flowers for the same company for 24,000 denars,
in 2019 the procurement was 100,000 denars, and on 25.03.2020, when the world is
fighting the most fierce battle, the local government signs a contract of 118,000
denars for flowers.

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