Government officials to receive minimum wage for the next two months


All elected and appointed officials for April and May will receive a minimum wage of
14,500 denars, Interim rime Minister Oliver Spasovski announced at a news
conference Tuesday, presenting the second set of economic measures to deal with
the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic SDSM leader Zoran Zaev's proposal
opposed by the government coalition partner DUI.

Spasovski said at a news conference Tuesday that the world has never experienced
the greatest threat since World War II, and all are facing fatal consequences for their
"We have taken very serious and drastic measures. Some measures, like declaring
state of emergency, were difficult but inevitable. And they gave results. It is now
important to maximally reduce the spread of the virus. And give everyone the
opportunity to be taken care of. This is our parallel front, where we will fight against
the coronavirus. To provide liquidity and financial injection to save more jobs,"
Spasovski said.

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