Mizrahi: Taking an online graduation exam will have no effect


At the moment, it is nebulous to speak of taking the state graduation exam online, because it will have no effect, said Rasela Mizrahi, former Minister of Social Affairs and Labor in the caretaker government.

“If a crisis system is already in place, we should protect those who are on the front line of defense, but also the entire population. You need to calculate how many gloves and masks are needed each day. Surgical masks have a maximum duration of two days,” Mizrahi said.

“Bearing in mind that systemic complications may occur as children are still absent from school for some time. Online learning cannot be fully implemented because not all children are capable of communication, especially those from the socially vulnerable category of families. I think this year the graduation exam should be canceled. I think it has to do with some kind of regulation. At this point it is nebulous to talk about online graduation, because I think it will have no effect,” Mizrahi said.

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