Mickoski: Threatened health of citizens and poverty is concerning, we will leave the "dance with the coronavirus" to Zaev


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his guest appearance in "Only Interview"
spoke about the situation in the Republic of Macedonia and how the Government
was dealing with this pandemic.
"I will not go into the strategy of Zoran Zaev, let him dance with the coronavirus. Our
citizens have real problems. The main problem is how to deal with the spread of this
pandemic, which is gaining momentum in our country, and the second thing is
poverty, which is also gaining momentum. I would not like to comment on
yesterday's visit of Zaev. "We've heard a lot of things that really, if in the past I
thought it was politicking and certain tools to distort the truth, after yesterday's
interview, I'm seriously concerned for one simple reason and I don't think there's
enough knowledge."
"That's why I will let him dance with his strategy for the coronavirus, but what worries
me is dancing with the poverty of the citizens, but also with the attempt to deal with
the pandemic that is spreading more and more," concluded Mickoski.

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