The decision to start EU accession talks is a historic step


Each step, even half a step forward, is good and there is no dilemma here, and this
is a historic step for Macedonia, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski
regarding the recommendation to open accession talks in the European Union,
noting that his party was the first in the country in 1993 with the Resolution submitted
to the Assembly determined that membership in the Union was a strategic goal.
Mickoski, in last night’s guest appearance on the show "Only Truth" on TV Kanal 5,
said that the European Union's decision to open negotiations with Macedonia is
historic, and clarified that he called it a "half step" because there is no specific date
for starting negotiations.
The leader of VMRO-DPMNE alluded to this, stating that the first intergovernmental
conference should take place "as soon as possible" depending on when the
negotiating framework is adopted, as well as the development of the situation with
the coronavirus pandemic.
Asked if there would be a date for negotiations with the EU, if the so-called Prespa
Agreement with which the constitutional name of Macedonia was changed, Mickoski
again said that the content of the mentioned agreement is problematic, especially for
the observance of the Macedonian national interests.
"An agreement with our southern neighbor had to be reached because in 2008 that
was the reason for the veto. But, if you ask me if this agreement had to happen, I
would say "no" to such content," said Mickoski, pointing out that such an agreement,

as made by Zoran Zaev, opens many unknowns in the future of the Macedonian
people, nation and country.

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