Kumanovo mayor says his city is left on its own


I feel like we are left on our own, what is happening upstairs in the offices is one thing, and a completely different thing is happening on the field, said Kumanovo’s Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski, and added that on Monday night two more people from Kumanovo died as a result of coronavirus-related infection.

He said that even more restrictive measures should be adopted for Kumanovo, and noted that the economy is being manipulated.

“We need to ensure that production facilities work as smoothly as possible, to reduce food sales and the most necessary products as we did this weekend. Every human life is more important than the economy, the economy is reviving, but human life is not revived. We urge for more tests. We asked representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Commission for Infectious Diseases to come and visit our Kumanovo hospital to determine the capacities because it provides care for a wider region. But unfortunately this is the second day that we do not have any answer. To be honest, I feel like we’re left with our own local resources. We need greater support, field experience should be used for better prevention. For days we have been asking for more tests, more diligence for the interviewers. Kumanovo cannot deal with such a pandemic with two epidemiologists,” Dimitrievski said.

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