Catering businesses to submit new proposals for support, and measures for re-operation will be discussed


By Monday, the representatives of the catering sector should submit all their proposals for the manner of support from the state, but also for the use of the Tourism Fund through which 95 million denars are now available. The measures that would return them to normal operation, which is being considered in less than a month, are already being considered.

At today’s meeting of the caterers with the Ministers of Finance and Economy Nina Angelovska and Kreshnik Bekteshi, the dilemmas and ambiguities about the existing measures were clarified and the changes in the conditions for using the support with the new government decrees were presented, for which there were reactions from the caterers in the past few days.

After submitting proposals, the differences should be ironed out by Tuesday, after which it will be announced what are the new measures that will support the catering sector, which is among the three most affected by the health and economic crisis.

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