Macedonia missed the moment for timely provision of money


Deputy Minister of Finance Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska wrote on her Facebook that the country was indebted to the international financial institutions, and that was not financial support as it was said. This means that we will have to pay back the money they give us today.

“We missed the moment of quick reaction and timely provision of money, which is why March is not included in the government’s measures at all. This is very unfair to those who were forced by government measures to close in the first half of March, and there is no help for them. Let me remind you that the first panic was created that way, you make a decision to close the facilities but you do not offer them help and alternatives.

In addition to the fact that no subsidies are planned for March, the fact remains that the companies with profits at the end of the year will have to return for the assistance received. This opens a new problem and that is that some of the companies will do everything in their power to end the loss,” she said.

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