Famous opera singer: You will not be forgiven for humiliating the Macedonian people!


Famous Macedonian singer Igor Durlovski post on Facebook:

“The world is facing a pandemic, but also economic implications that will inevitably threaten people’s livelihood and economic situation. Gentlemen of the government, listen to Hristijan Mickoski’s proposals once again, overcome your vanities and start working for the good of the citizens. Your money will become worthless if we witness total economic collapse, and you continue to lead us astray.

But know that you will not be forgiven.
Neither for your betrayals, nor for the innocent stuck in prisons, nor for the guilty that are free, nor for your ignorance, nor for robbing the youth of money and hope, nor for the non-state policies and at least for the corruption and sale of national interests and humiliation of the Macedonian people. “

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