180 Macedonian nationals repatriated from Veniceto be quarantined at Drim Hotel


180 passengers will arrive at Skopje Airport today at 2 pm with an organized flight
from Venice, Italy, the government informed.
-As before, for these our citizens is organized transportation according to all
prescribed standards and they will spend 21 days state quarantine in hotel "Drim" in
Struga, according to the decision of the 40th session of the government, which refers
to the acceptance of travelers coming from a high-risk country according to the
World Health Organization list. Every Macedonian citizen, who returns to our country
with the transportation organized by the government, has the obligation to pay for the
flight on his own and all passengers are familiar with the already established
procedure. Accommodation in state quarantine is in strictly controlled and safe
conditions, without any financial compensation, the government said.

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