It is good that the government accepted the idea of ​​treasury bills and not to manipulate the reform of pension funds, says Mickoski


One of the topics that the VMRO-DPMNE leader talks about in his today’s video address is economic and is related to the proposal that VMRO-DPMNE has loudly articulated and reflected in the Macedonian public over the past few weeks, which is to reduce the sterilization of practically Macedonian banks in the National Bank and transfer of part of that sterilization to the Ministry of Finance, i.e. directly in the budget of Macedonia, and on the other hand what will remain as liquidity to be direct support for business, because it is now most needed in these conditions of pandemic.

– Namely, a few days ago we witnessed that the National Bank issued a statement through the council that it will reduce the volume of treasury bills it offers on the market from 25 billion or reduce it by 8 billion to 17 billion denars, or reduce it by about 130 million euros, money that left them free in the market, and already yesterday we witnessed that the Ministry of Finance managed to write over 6 and 12 month treasury bills about 6 billion denars or about 100 million euros, while repaying 25 million euros due to old debts, and the remaining 75 million euros remained in budget in support of macroeconomic stability, and on the other hand there are 2 billion left in the banks that I appeal to the banks to place directly to the companies so that the companies can withstand this really difficult period on their feet. And then they can together with the workers to restore the economic activity and to restore practically 100% the Macedonian economy. It is good that the National Bank has finally listened to the advice of VMRO-DPMNE, which it has reflected in the past few weeks and managed to distract practically 130 million euros, which will be direct support for macroeconomic stability and the state budget, and the rest will be direct assistance from banks to the Macedonian economy and companies to overcome this period, said Mickoski.

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