Politicians congratulate Easter to Orthodox Christians



Political leaders have congratulated Orthodox Christians Sunday as they symbolically mark one of the biggest Christian holidays, due to the current situation.

In his message to Orthodox believers, head of state Pendarovski stays:

I would normally extend this message following the church services attended by a large number of people, but this year we have a different kind of Easter. Due to the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are welcoming this holiday in our homes, in a different atmosphere”.

Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski says in a video Easter message that one of the brightest holidays is spent this year in isolation as a result of the pandemic. “Easter is a holiday that marks the end of Christ’s suffering, celebrating victory over death. Christ’s resurrection is a confirmation of His love for mankind. This year we are expected to win over our selfishness, carry the burden for the common good and celebrate these days in our homes, protecting ourselves and close ones”.

Health Minister Venko Filipce also posted an Easter message on his FB page.

“One of the most important things that is always a part of all congratulations is good health. Although we want it regularly, we often forget to protect it or take care of it. May this holiday remind us how important it is to take care of our health, and the health of everyone around us”.

The leaders of the two largest parties Zoran Zaev and Hristijan Mickoski also shared their Easter massages to the faithful.

“We are celebrating Easter with a serious danger that has hung over the world and over our heads. We must act together wisely. And Jesus Christ would ask that of us. If he defeated death with death and made a triumph of life, we as his children can do the same,” said Zaev.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski and the party in their greeting card state: “Christ’s Resurrection has given us all eternal life, so that we can celebrate life with a pure soul and good thought and most importantly to help each other”.

Other state officials have also shared their holiday messages, including Nake Chulev, Bujar Osmani, etc.

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