The state of emergency has increased the risk of domestic violence


Due to the pandemic with COVID-19, a state of emergency has been declared in the country. All citizens are locked in their homes, so the victims and the perpetrators are spending these days. The possibility of reporting violence is drastically reduced, and the risk of psychological and physical abuse is increased.

National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence stressed that the home is not a safe place for many women who are victims of domestic violence and intimate partner violence.

– With these measures, women victims of violence and their children (if they have any) are put in a very difficult and in some cases in a life-threatening situation. In a country where a state of emergency has been declared, children are at home all day, all cafes, restaurants, cafes, sports betting are closed, as well as all other opportunities for social activities, friends are at home with their families, where aggression can be channeled and the only thing that remains available is one’s family, one’s wife/partner, children, parents, said Elena Dimusevska, executive director of the Network.


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