Macedonia with the lowest budget expenditure on economic measures


Macedonia has only 105 million euros for the war against the coronavirus according to the relocation of funds from the national budget and with 0.2 percent of the state treasury, or only 105 million euros to fight against the coronavirus, the country is ranked last in terms of the amount of funds intended for this purpose.

Information published on social networks by the Visegrad Group, which includes Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, shows that in our region more money in the fight against this crisis is shared by Serbia, with 11% of its budget, Albania decided to convert over 1%, while Kosovo almost 2.5%.

According to the order from the bottom to the top, Macedonia is 0.2 percent, behind Albania 1.3%, Kosovo 2.3%, Bulgaria 3.5%, Greece 4.5% and Serbia 11%. Germany’s oldest economy, Germany, accounts for 30.6 percent, followed by Great Britain with 25, Italy and Spain with 20, Hungary with 19.5% and the Czech Republic with 18%.

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