Parliament cannot be convened again because the MPs handed over their mandate


The government, through the parliament, wants to confirm the unconstitutional decision of President Pendarovski for a state of emergency for the second time and to give legitimacy to the disputed decrees with legal force, experts say. According to constitutional law professor and former Parliament Speaker Savo Klimovski, there is no reason to convene a parliament that has already been dissolved in such circumstances.

MPs have already dissolved themselves and are waiting for the day of the election of the new MPs to hand over their mandate. They are already former MPs. They should be aware that they are already former MPs, says Klimovski.

According to him, Article 63 of the Constitution, which provides for the extension of the mandate of MPs in a state of emergency or martial law, cannot be an alibi for such a move because Pendarovski unconstitutionally extended the state of emergency for another 30 days. For the former speaker of parliament, it is particularly controversial that in a state of emergency caused by COVID- 19 two-thirds of government decrees are not directly linked to the coronavirus.

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