Parliament Speaker silent, the ruling party is preparing for his removal


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi today remained without an official response to the initiative signed by 35 MPs led by SDSM.

Xhaferi is not bound by either the Rules of Procedure or the law, with a deadline or obligation to respond to the emergency session initiative. However, his statement on the proposal is expected. The Speaker of the Parliament has so far been adamant that after the decision of the MPs for self-dissolution from February this year, the Parliament cannot meet again.

Xhaferi’s silence, as well as DUI’s stance on the initiative, fueled growing rumors that, in addition to the emergency decisions, SDSM would submit a proposal to remove Xhaferi from the presidency in the legislature. SDSM officials have denied this information. They say the only motive for the initiative is confirmation of the decisions of President Stevo Pendarovski.

For the time being, DUI remains reserved regarding the initiative. Ali Ahmeti’s party MPs did not sign the document. DUI said that they had not been asked for support, and that they would decide how to proceed after considering the initiative. However, they believe that any decision should be made by consensus.

VMRO DPMNE did not back the request for an urgent session either. The opposition party suspects that behind the initiative there are different motives for simply confirming the decisions on the state of emergency.

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