COVID-19 death toll worldwide tops 200,000, nearly 3 million infected


The death toll from the Covid-19 worldwide has exceeded 200,000, with nearly 3
million infected
The global death toll in the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has exceeded 200,000,
or, according to Worldmeters, it is estimated at 203,308, and the number of infected
is approaching 3 million.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people infected
with the novel coronavirus is 2,923,191, while 837,527 have been cured so far.
There are a total of 1,882,356 people with active cow disease-19 cases, of whom 97
percent or 1,824,473 have mild symptoms, while 57,883 are in serious condition.
First on the list where the situation is worst are the United States with 960,896
patients and 54,265 deaths. It is followed by Spain with 223,759 patients and 22,902
deaths, Italy with 195,351 patients and 26,384 deaths, France with 161,488 patients
and 22,614 deaths, and Germany with 156,513 patients and 5,877 deaths.
Of the continents, Europe is the worst affected, with a total of 1,253,115 cases of
covid-19 and 120,137 deaths. This is followed by Asia with 462,048 patients and
16,953 deaths.
In South America, the number is 131,374 and 6,020 have died. Africa is at the
bottom with a total of 31,102 infected and 1,379 dead, although WHO officials warn
that the pandemic could pick up momentum due to poor conditions.

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