The SEC is ready for elections, but first Election Day needs to be determined


The President of the State Election Commission Oliver Derkovski says that the
Commission is ready to organize elections when necessary, but previously, he
emphasized, it should be determined when they would be held.
He believes that the elections should be announced by the President of the
Assembly Talat Xhaferi, but that previously the Constitutional Court should annul the
previous decision for elections.
– Xhaferi should announce the elections, but first a situation should be created with
which the previous solution will be put out of force. I think that the Constitutional
Court should rule on this situation and it is the only one authorized in this situation.
My personal opinion is that all other procedures will introduce us to new legal
labyrinths that will lead to unwanted practices now and in the future, Derkovski said
in an interview with Telma TV.
He added that technical preparations, a campaign and an update to the Voters' List
would take about 50 days. According to him, the Voters' List, which has not been
closed yet, should also undergo changes, because in the meantime there have been
changes in it.

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