Nikoloski: The country to adopt joint strategy in response to Bulgaria’s conditioning at the upcoming leaders’ meeting


In the past week, we have witnessed that the government led by Zaev, Spasovski,
Dimitrov and Sekerinska is trying to relativize the document of Bulgaria which
became an integral part of the decision of the European Council on Macedonia, and
which directly undermines the foundations of the Macedonian state – and that is the
Macedonian language, the Macedonian history and the Macedonian people, VMRO-
DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said at Monday’s press conference.
"At the upcoming leaders’ meeting, in addition to the situation with the health and
economic crisis as the number one priority, VMRO-DPMNE proposes a discussion
and building a joint strategy and document in response to Bulgaria's conditioning, as
well as laying the foundations for a mutually agreed foreign policy, and a national
security strategy that will be long-term documents and will be binding on all future
governments. Let's do this before it's too late. I am sure that a jointly constructed
position from all relevant political and social factors will be positively accepted by the
EU, as well as our neighbors," Nikoloski said.

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