Macedonia ranks third in the region according to number of coronavirus deaths


Macedonia is again shows disappointing results on the lists that make statistics on
coronavirus-related deaths and cases, but also according to the tests performed so
In terms of deaths, Macedonia is in the region immediately after Slovenia and
Deaths per million inhabitants:
Slovenia 39, Turkey 33, Macedonia 30, BiH 18, Serbia 18, Greece 13, Croatia 13,
Montenegro, 11 Albania 10, Bulgaria 8.
Cases per million inhabitants:
Turkey 1306, Serbia 920, Slovenia 671, Macedonia 665, Montenegro 511, Croatia
494, BiH 462, Albania 252, Greece 241, Bulgaria 194.
Tests per million inhabitants:
Slovenia 23557, Turkey 10656, Montenegro 8096, BiH 7873, Croatia 7703, Serbia
7360, Macedonia 7257, Greece 6199, Bulgaria 3886, Albania 2529.

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