Former Foreign Minister accuses Government of abusing legislative power during state of emergency


The SDSM government is aware that part of the legislative power has been abused and the re-convening of the Parliament would serve as a screen to legitimize those decisions after some debate, said former Foreign Minister and opposition VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki.

“This is the political trick of SDSM, to convene the Parliament against the decision for self-dissolution so that all adopted decrees with legal force during the state of emergency, which in my opinion a good part do not have a point of contact with the state of emergency to be legalized,” Milososki said.

He stressed that the decrees should be temporary, and according to the Venice Commission, European law and our laws, they must be linked to the state of emergency.

“You cannot say that the decree on unpaid salaries based on an agreement for the work of certain civil servants in the (former) Special Public Prosecutor’s Office has anything to do with the state of emergency. It has nothing to do with it,” Milososki said.

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