Deputy PM for European Affairs expects a compromise with Bulgaria through talks


I expect that we will use this period to discuss and try to reach a compromise and agreement within the framework of the Good Neighbor Agreement that we have reached with Bulgaria, because that is the role of good neighborly relations, to create a framework for solving all problems through commissions and I expect to overcome this in a timely manner, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani.

Asked if he feared Sofia would block the country’s European integration process, Osmani said the negotiation process had been reached by consensus from all member states, including Bulgaria.
“The annex mentioned in public is an appendix to the minutes as a unilateral position of a member state. At the same time, I am not trying to disparage or disprove that position because every member state has the right to its own position, as we have the right to its own position, and to explain that we are aware that the rules of the game in the EU are such”, stressed Osmani. He pointed out that any member state can stop or block negotiations, but that we need to act wisely to find a way to overcome them.
According to him, the Prespa Agreement and the Good Neighborliness Treaty with Bulgaria are a good framework for solving the problems.

“No one expected that the signing of these agreements would solve all the problems overnight, just as all the problems with the signing of the Framework Agreement have not been resolved. However, a framework and a platform have been created to address them. Thus, these two agreements are a good basis for resolving these issues through compromise, talks and dialogue, and I think that this dispute with Bulgaria will be resolved in this direction as well,” Osmani said.

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