Elections are not on the agenda according to DUI and demands the Commission for Infectious Diseases demands to decide


The holding of parliamentary elections is not on the agenda of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) at the moment, said Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani after the question of when the elections were scheduled for April 12, but were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“If you ask me as a DUI representative, the election is not on the DUI agenda at all. We have two main goals, which are the health crisis with the pandemic and the socio-economic consequences it creates. Everything else that is imposed as a topic is considered to be the defocusing of the institutions and the political and social energy in solving these two problems. “Our position is that the decision on the elections will be made by the Commission on Infectious Diseases, and not by the political parties or any other social factor,” Osmani said.

The other two largest parties, SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, have not mentioned a date so far. The ruling SDSM said yesterday that the election process would take place in such a way that citizens would vote in masks by keeping their social distance, and traditional rallies would be avoided.

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, in an interview with Alfa TV last night, reiterated the view that for his party the elections were not a priority, but the health of the citizens and the recovery of the economy.

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