Labor Day without traditional marches, workers’ rights violated more than ever


We will be loud even with face masks, was the motto of the unions and civic associations that mark Labor Day Mat 1st during the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, instead of a traditional march, due to the curfew and the ban on grouping, workers’ rights activists are celebrating the day with a virtual protest.

Workers’ rights are being violated all the time, but now more than ever, the unions warned in today’s statements.

The government has not yet released official figures on how many workers have lost their jobs since the crisis began, with unofficial figures reaching 20,000. Seasonal people, people with temporary employment contracts, people for a certain period of time were mainly fired. For now, the safest workers are those with a fixed-term employment.

The government has issued a measure for the payment of 14,500 denars per worker, but the latest amendment allows owners who receive state aid to be able to lay off up to 15 percent of workers. The Union finds this unacceptable.

The labor inspectorate has so far reinstated 140 illegally fired workers. As a result, unions suspect that some employers are abusing the crisis to reduce workers’ rights and even groundlessly lay off workers.

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