Government withdraws decision, no help for bosses who fire workers


Under pressure from the public, the Government changed its mind again. At today’s session, the Government amended the Decree, corrected only two days ago, which allowed the bosses who will use state aid of 14,500 denars to pay the April and May salaries to be able to fire up to 15 percent of workers depending on the size of the company.

Now the old rule applies yet again – bosses must not reduce the number of employees in April, as well as two months after its termination, i.e. by the end of July, except in cases allowed by law – such as retirement, death of a worker, dismissal from the employee or the employer if the employee has violated the order and discipline and the like.

And it allows companies to retroactively bring back those who have been fired.

“Employers who agree to retroactive employment of persons whose employment has been terminated from March 11 to April 30 will be able to do so by May 7, and thus meet the criteria for acquiring the right on the use of the measure of financial support for payment of salaries for the months of April and May “, informs the Government.

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