Civil society sector reacts to allocating environmental funds from the budget


Twenty-two CSOs have sent a letter to the Government and the Presidents and Parliament, stating that the essential, consistent and continuous implementation of transparency and good governance is most important in these difficult times, so as not to violate human rights, fragile governance. of the right and democratic decision-making present in our society. According to a statement sent by WWF Adria, they are reacting to the conversion of environmental funds from the budget.

– British organizations understand that our government works in extreme conditions. However, they urge the government to delay any decision that is not currently relevant to human health and safety, for which significant transparency and participation cannot be ensured, the WWF Adria said in a statement.

WWF, Eco-Consciousness, IDSCS, Open Society Foundation, Macedonian Platform Against Poverty and other organizations make several recommendations that could accelerate the shift to a climate-neutral economy that protects and restores our natural world, health and well-being.

The organizations call on the government to support and strengthen the implementation and financing of existing environmental standards and policies to address the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and environmental pollution.

– The budget for such projects must not be shortened and redirected, to make a serious investment in raising awareness and education for human rights, sustainable development and nature protection, strengthening our society to face future challenges, the organizations emphasize.

The civil society sector calls for the allocation of stimulus funds conditioned by the implementation of measures of the European Green Agreement and the Paris Agreement, in order to move the transformation of our economy towards sustainable. Initiate serious sustainable initiatives in line with the public interest and provide support to (local) CSOs, according to the statement from WWF Adria.

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