Mickoski: Whenever elections are held, VMRO-DPMNE will convincingly win


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE in yesterday’s interview on the “Otvoreno Studio” show on TV 24, regarding the economic situation at the time of the epidemic, stressed that business should not be left without help.

He did not want to specify a date for the leaders’ meeting, but confirmed that there would be a meeting on May 12. Regarding the elections, Mickoski says that there is no dilemma whenever the elections take place his party will convincingly defeat SDSM, with a double-digit number of MPs.

“What worries me is that we are in the midst of a pandemic, in which newly diagnosed patients and deaths are counted on a daily basis. It is wrong, to count infections and possibly deaths amid election campaign. More than 70% are not in favor of elections at the moment. On that day we will have people in masks and gloves, we will have a Facebook and Twitter campaign. Citizens are voting for a program, and how do we present a program made earlier before this? Now everything has changed, we will need a new program, new capital investments to present. We approach the problem more responsibly, health above all, how will the voting be conducted when there are citizens who will vote with masks and gloves? Will we run a campaign through Facebook and Twitter? There are citizens who want to see the MPs, they do not follow social networks and how will they find out the program we offer?” Mickoski said.

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