SDSM leader: We want elections in the fastest possible period, in case there is a new coronavirus wave


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in an interview with TV 24 says that SDSM is in favor of holding elections as soon as possible, because if they are not held, no one can say whether there will be a new wave of coronavirus.

– We can make plans for elections, but if the health situation does not allow it, it will be just plans and that’s it. But as responsible politicians, we must first state our views.Because no one can say when there will be a new coronavirus wave. The world is discussing this. They say there may be a next peak in September. I hope not, but what if there is? The full constitutional deadlines of the four-year term expire in December. Then we will enter a constitutional crisis, for a situation that the Constitution has not worked out. That is why we need to take the first possible chance. The government is handling the situation very well. But this is only my opinion. What if the citizens think differently?, says Zaev.

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