Macedonian and the EU flags raised to mark Europe Day


The Delegation of the EU to North Macedonia organized an event to celebrate Europe Day – May 9. The event took place outside the Skopje General Hospital “8 September”. A flag-raising ceremony of North Macedonia and European Union flags opened the event at 12:30 pm. A minute’s silence was observed to honor COVID-19 victims.

Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski addressed the event, emphasizing that today we have strong and great reasons to celebrate, to celebrate the great idea of ​​Europe.

“The citizens of our country have made the choice and they are proud of their choice. We have chosen the future, the future of the European Union, because it is built on values ​​that we believe in and that we practice. “We belong to the European family, formally we are not yet part of the EU, but we have started the path,” Spasovski said.

EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar pointed out that the EU was finally taking the initiative to raise funds for the development of a vaccine for COVID-19 that will be available to everyone in the world at an affordable price.

He added that we were coming out of this crisis together – the current and future EU member states and we would learn from the essential European value, and that is solidarity.

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