Opposition says government has taken a nonchalant approach to coronavirus outbreak


Doctor Igor Nikolov, a member of the Executive Committee of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, said the country had paid a high price for a situation with the coronavirus epidemic.

He also pointed out that there was not enough equipment, especially for health workers.

“In this situation that arose from the corona virus, the main omission was that there were not enough tests, no testing of people from risk groups. There is simply no strategy for testing, for screening the population, and that is crucial, he stressed,” Nikolov said.

According to him, in this situation, the number of tests performed on a daily basis is manipulated, as well as the period for obtaining the results. If the elections are accelerated, we can easily reach the second wave.

“German experts say that the second wave may be stronger, so we should be careful with the measures. They must be appropriate. Therefore, there must be elections when there are conditions for their implementation,” said Nikolov.

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