Osmani: Europe Day important for the country, a day to which the country has aspired since its independence


The Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA) hosted late Friday a mini-concert of the Philharmonic’s Brass Quintet and the City Brass Orchestra ahead of Europe Day-May 9.

Deputy PM for European Affairs and chief EU negotiator Bujar Osmani said May 9 is an important day for North Macedonia, a day of the European Union to which the country has aspired since its independence.

“This is, in a way, our patron holiday, SEA day, when our staff celebrates its hard work on the country’s European integration. Unfortunately, we are marking these events in time of pandemic, a serious threat to personal and collective health, a crisis that affects the economy and one that has severe social repercussions, a crisis that has deeply redefined normal life. Therefore, this year’s observance of Europe Day will be restricted, of course considering the measures and recommendations of social distancing and limited gatherings,” said Deputy PM Osmani.

EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar said the Union’s building and strengthening is still ongoing, adding that solidarity remains the key word.

“Solidarity has brought the EU 70 years of peace and prosperity. Solidarity has united the continent. Solidarity is also bringing Europe out of the current crisis. These days I am especially proud to be a European who represents the EU in your country. We can finally spur your journey to a better future in the European Union. EU’s solidarity for the region during the crisis is a response to all the dilemmas that have been heard over the years. We are all one family. This year we are also marking the 20th anniversary of the EU Delegation in the country and over 20 years of continual investments in every aspect of your society,” noted Žbogar.

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