Deputy PM Osmani urges state measures to protect religious rites


Deputy Prime Minister of European Affairs Bujar Osmani, as the main coordinator of the crisis headquarters of the units of local self-government for defense against COVID-19 from Struga said today that the state is trying to find a way to return the situation in society to a new normal, and at the same time to enable believers to practice their needs, while respecting the protection measures.

He stressed that this is not easy because grouping is essential in a religious rite, which is contrary to anti-coronavirus measures, but at the same time pointing out that a way must be found to enable the practice of religious rites, but also to pay attention to health , guided by the recommendations of the institutions.

As for the expectations for reducing the restrictive measures, he clarified that the decision will be made in accordance with precisely defined parameters, and not according to any political calculations.

“Fourteen days in a row with less than five percent positive coronavirus cases from the number tested. We had a 13-day situation where the positive number of those tested was below five percent, and then that number dropped. Now we need to see if this is a momentary deviation or a trend that would continue”, says Osmani.

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