SDSM: We are taking timely and serious economic measures to save jobs


We are taking timely and serious economic measures to save jobs, approved financial support for the payment of salaries for over 21,500 companies, the ruling party SDSM said in a statement on Sunday.

The SDSM-led government has taken timely and serious measures to help the citizens, the economy, and save as many jobs as possible, and a new set of measures is being prepared, aimed at restructuring and reviving the Macedonian economy.

So far, 21,542 applications have been approved by support companies to pay the salaries of 14,500 employees. The biggest interest in this measure was shown by the companies from the sectors that are most affected by the crisis, namely 2,377 companies dealing with catering and 2,177 companies in the field of transport. This measure was used by 2,164 individuals who perform independent activities.

Nearly 600 companies use the measure to subsidize 50% of compulsory social security contributions, and 747 companies have met the conditions to use the measure to exempt from paying profit tax advance payments

Credits from the “Kovid 1” line have so far been approved for 631 companies, while the second line of interest-free loans – “Kovid 2”, for which companies can still apply, has received 2,400 applications.

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