Trade Union against the Finance Minister’s statements for cutting salaries in the administration


The union of workers from the administration, judicial bodies and citizens’ associations (UPOZ) today reacted to the position of Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska for cutting the salaries in the public administration.

For the Union, such a proposal is unfounded, unacceptable and inappropriate. This, according to the Trade Union, will be a move without effect, and the reduction of the administration’s salaries will not make significant savings in the state budget, but will be revenge and meeting the demands of part of the business community.

– Such inappropriate statements of the Minister of Finance show basic ignorance about what is public administration, and what is the public sector and what is the amount of salaries in the administration. The net net salary of the employees in the administration in group G (referees) which is the most numerous in the administration is the following: 14,518.00 denars for a younger clerk, 14,888.00 denars for a clerk, 15,681.00 denars for a senior clerk and 16,474.00 denars for an independent referent. That is why we are asking what, from whom and how much the minister will cut, the statement reads.

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