Analyst says the government’s economic team is not up to the task to deal with the crisis


Analyst Sasho Klekovski believes that the government’s economic team is not up to the task of dealing with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, noting that the government had reacted too late and that the economic measures they were promoting were too late but also confusing.

“When the restructuring was done in the interim government, in the economic departments, SDSM did not expect that there would be a coronavirus epidemic, and I think that the team is not up to the task to deal with the economic crisis. There are many ambiguities, many delays in aid, said Klekovski.

He explained that the government’s allocation of 0.2 percent of GDP to deal with the economic crisis shows that after Belarus, Macedonia has the lowest separation in Europe, adding that very little has been done, but there is no clear policy to protect, whether jobs will be protected or the unemployed will be protected.

“We are the last country in terms of economic measures, and the persistent repetition of foreign representatives that we have great measures, only further creates nervousness among all stakeholders in the private sector. There was no quick reaction, we were arguing until yesterday who should get help and who should not. The PRO system, of the three measures for two measures, was dysfunctional. We are on May 11 and today someone has already started to receive some help, but this is a huge delay,” Klekovski said.

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